Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tuong´s self-reflection

FINAL #teachingsocialmedia #TSMecho Reflection

1. Looking back at the blog - what video's were most interesting to you? I find all TED talks are the most interesting videos to me. These talks are comprehensive in that not only they are funny, but they also convey a lot of things for me to think carefully. The speakers inspire me a lot about how they think of an issue, an aspect.

2. Looking back at your classmates videos and posts - which were most impressive and interesting? I like the video of Barnabas about The Catcher In The Rye. That video is insightful, and reveals his editing skill that I need to study more.

3. What are three things that you will take away from this course? Why? Please elaborate. + The first thing is that I know the importance of social media. This is obvious because of the fact that no one can exist and develop without social media. I can get news, all kinds of information for my studying. + The second thing is that I learn how to cooperate with members in a group. It is always hard to know where to start a project at the beginning. Therefore, knowing how to organize, arrange, and make decisions is essential, and I now get used to it. + The third thing is that I understand that I not only can learn from social media, but also from friends. my friends actually teach me a lot of new things when I come here. This is my first year, so I am unfamiliar with some things. When I get to know and talk with friends, I know practically social things, besides lessons in classes.

4. What was your contribution to your group's final movie? Who was a leader in your group? What would you have done differently - especially if you had more time? I take a lot of pictures with Varun and think of some ideas like choosing great places to take pictures. My group leader is Barnabas. I would have learned how to edit the movie; I really know a bit how to edit movies, but overally, my editting sill is not good enough. Editing also takes a lot of time, but I what I would do is to learn about movies editing thoroughly.

5. What are three links you wish to promote and why? How can social media be a tool for social good?,, and These 3 links are wonderful in that people can know truth lied behind a social problem,political issues, so that we can learn from our mistakes to move on, and address an issue more multi-faceted.

6. What suggestions do you have for the future of this ECHO: teaching social media? Was the class blog helpful? Would you have liked to have created your own blog? The class blog is very helpful, since it keeps me up-to-date. I have created my own blogs in history class. Besides teaching about social media, I hope this course maintains this pace- access to interesting videos. Everyone can learn from these videos, and knows how much time to spend on the Internet.

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