Saturday, March 2, 2013

Varun's Views on TSM

1. Looking back at the blog - what video's were most interesting to you?
The Ted Talk about the guy giving computers to those kids in India was interesting because he looked at ways people could learn things differently. He was saying that through curiosity those kids were able to learn something that he never thought they could understand.

2. Looking back at your classmates videos and posts - which were most impressive and interesting?
Barnabas' Catcher in the Rye video was the most impressive.

3. What are three things that you will take away from this course? Why? Please elaborate.
I have learned about how social media can be used for marketing, about how times are rapidly changing in terms of technology, and I have started using Twitter to follow news items.

4. What was your contribution to your group's final movie? Who was a leader in your group? What would you have done differently - especially if you had more time?
I took some pictures around campus. Jack was the leader. We would have developed some better ideas with more time.

5. What are three links you wish to promote and why? How can social media be a tool for social good?
It can be used to communicate news and ideas quickly.

6. What suggestions do you have for the future of this ECHO: teaching social media? Was the class blog helpful? Would you have liked to have created your own blog?
It was helpful.

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