Saturday, January 19, 2013

Infographic - Joey

Infograph ~ Aekta

Morning Meeting - Freshman POV

Dope life of a hashtag

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Azziz ~ Twitter Infograph

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Andrew Fazekash Facebook Infographic

I haven't had a facebook in over a year so the stats are bad.

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Thanks for letting me hang out with you this morning! To recap, we examined WRA's five social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram/Webstagram. Talking about the "front" (prospective students) and "back" (alumni) ends of our constituencies and everyone in between, we considered the question of audience. I left you with the invitation to construct a Facebook post for WRA's page. Email me anytime with your suggestions!

Ms. Maseelall

On the BUS!

From Jill:

Learning Infographics

Links & Reading:
  1. Explore each of the links above.
  2. Find an interesting use of infographics.
  3. Construct an infographic about your journey through WRA thus far. In terms of generating content, consider incorporating several of the most positive/significant events of your time here at Reserve. Also consider envisioning and anticipating your future. This is a creative exercise that will require some thought! Please tinker with several of the infographic generators but also come up with a plan for how to proceed. When completed, post your infographic here in the blog.

Social Media Self-Awareness

Links & Reading:
  1. Read each of the links above.
  2. Find and share one additional article on the topic of the potential dangers of social media in the comments section below.
  3. Partner up with someone in the class. (There may be one group of three.) Be sure you are sitting next to your partner. Now "unfriend" (or the equivalent) your partner on any social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc). Now search for your friend on each social networking site and allow your friend to see what is visible, including posted comments and photographs. Clean up your presence as a result of this feedback. 
  4. Now Google yourself. What image does this information present of you?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Social Media is a Powerful Tool: Be Smart - Be Kind

Please watch this video (or the last seven minutes if you were in class Saturday).

Please post a thoughtful reflection below - Click "Comment" - you must sign in first.

Share this link with friends - and maybe bullies you know:
You may help someone by sharing this video.

I also Tweeted this blog post - feel free to RETWEET :)

Think of our objective: Social Media for Social GOOD.

Walking around campus

Kids say the darndest things

Photo 01/12/13

Here is our photo for the day...
<3 Azziz, Andrew, Jack, and Robbie

In Class Today: Week1TSM ECHO

Just for fun - it never gets old: 

Class Notes and Links.

In-class assignment: 

1. Take Proust Questionnaire and Pre-class Survey.

2. Post your video or photo now to one of these three:  

Blog, Pinterest, or Twitter - mention: @kob14


Homework for 1.19.13: 

1. One take: Make a funny 30 second video - no editing - one shot. Creating content/footage that we can edit later. #YOLO

2. POST to our ECHO class blog.

For inspiration, here are some examples of great iPhone Movies (obviously, more than one take/shot- we will get there).

This one made me feel good: 

Laughter the Best Medicine from The Film Artist on Vimeo.

3. FINALLY, Comment on the previous blog post on bullying.

Optional: Consider starting a Pinterest or - Be careful who you follow.

WARNING: Work First to Stop an Internet Addiction 

Interested in Twitter? Backstory - How KOB uses Twitter.

Very excited to see what you post. See you soon!