Saturday, February 23, 2013

obrienk: Teaching Social Media: ECHOOOOOOOOOOOO


Final Projects and Blog Reflections due next week.

obrienk: Teaching Social Media: ECHOOOOOOOOOOOO: Today is our second to last meeting of TSM. I am eager and anxious to see what the three teams have been doing. A few examples for today...

obrienk: Re-Imagine Education and Learning Communities

Think about how you use the internet and youtube - and how you can learn more:

obrienk: Re-Imagine Education and Learning Communities: " The map is not the territory "  Alfred Korzybski Or is it? Yesterday a student let it slip that the epigraph in The Great Gatsby  was ...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

From Viewers and Consumers - to Producers and Creators

Consider your digital literacy and the possibilities.

 Today, we began with this video from Pearson's BIG THINKERS in Education and Edutopia.

We then watched some examples of student films:


WRA Student Film:

More clips and films from youtube:


Holy Cow Lisa

500 Days of Summer

And a Pep Talk that has gone viral


Checkout these short films (and playlists) from this years Sundance Film Festival.

 A Guide to How to Make a Viral Video

PLUS a little motivation

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chipotle = Fav. Place in Hudson ~ Aekta

The EFFECT of technology on our generations education. Is it good or bad?

Inspirational Videos

The first video i saw a few years ago always remembered it, i thought it may be appropriate as the six nations is going on now.

The second video was not allowed to be embedded but it is seriously worth a watch the thing that pulled me to it was the inspirational movie quotes.

Shooting in Syria

I used this video as the conclusion to my senior thesis paper that stated the mainstreaming of mildly disabled students positively effects all groups of students both socially and academically. Very uplifting!

Why Are We Here? Connection

 When you think about life - why are you here?

Think about the Four Priniciples:

Don Tapscott on Empowerment:

To me, this is not an information age, it's an age of networked intelligence. It's an age of vast promise, an age of collaboration, where the boundaries of our organizations are changing, of transparency, where sunlight is disinfecting civilization, an age of sharing and understanding the new power of the commons, and it's an age of empowerment and of freedom.

 Sir Ken Robinson's full TED Talk

More notes to will be forthcoming, but in the meantime here's this week's queries and comments on:

HWK: Video interview your classmate and post to blog.

FYI: KOB's Pinterest Teaching Social Media 

Photos that changed the world

Samsung's commercial, really funny

Samsung released this commercial on the super bowl night, and I think it is a funny and attractive one.


A little depressing, but it sort of relates to issues happening within the United States as well. And lately I have been sort of keen to the treatment of children in the United States and elsewhere, so this was pretty sad.

Federal Reserve

Recently, I saw a video entitled "the collapse of the american dream". The video itself is about an half-hour long, so you don need to watch it now, though I'll link to it in the bottom. It explained where the local banks get their money from, all the way to the federal reserve. It also explained how the people, the non-bankers, are negatively effected by this trail. The trail consists of borrowing and lending, several times over, all with increasing interest on the way down. What interested me, however, was the fact that the Federal Reserve is NOT a government organization. They control how much money the treasury prints, and get alot of it, though they are not a part of the government. "How does the government allow this?" you might be asking, and the answer is quite dark. The last president to fight them was Kennedy, and we know what happened to him. The final part of the video was how we can stop it, if we all unite against the bank.

the video:

Revolutions Turned to Songs

This article is very interesting, and it shows how people can collaborate and come together to make an impact on their situations through music.  Social media isn't used to create this amazing feat, but it has been used (and can be much more) to publicize this.

Basketball Inspiration

A great basketball video that motivates you and teaches you hardwork beats talent, when talent does not work hard.

Social Media Reinvents Business

Social media reinvents business:

This shows the many ways how social media can promote business in many different ways such as, training chefs, asking customers for advice, and so much more.

Diet Soda

Interesting article about diet soda increasing the risk of diabetes.

We the Change!

The Crickets Have Arthritis

Although not a worldly issue, this poem describes a young boy in the hospital for cancer. I watched this video in 8th grade english and it has stuck with me ever since due to the poet's words, feelings and how moving the entire poem is.

'Aiding a Revolution'

It's kind of amazing how much technology influences our lives as a whole world. Often we hear people try to explain the gravity of the role that social media plays in our lives, and often I think that it doesn't really sink in that what they are describing is intense. In the United States we use these social media sites- like twitter- to follow a favorite band or subtly creep on a cute guy, but what I think we don't realize is that while these things are cool, social media sites like twitter are actually helping people much more than entertaining us.
(I know this link is about 7 months old, but it's still so interesting to think that something as seemingly meaningless as twitter can actually aid a revolution!)

Where does our food come from? Why care?

Many people are unaware of what they are eating and where this food comes from, trusting the companies that provide this food for them. Unfortuantely, these companies do not have the peoples' best interest in mind and people are unknowingly consuming harsh chemicals and other food that is not good for their health.

I used this video as the conclusion of my senior thesis paper that claimed mainstreaming of the mildly disabled should be implemented as it positively effects both groups of students both socially and academically.  Very uplifting!

Hear how driver protected kids on bus in Alabama Kidnapping

Here's a video about the recent kidnapping in Alabama:

What will you create that will make the world awesome?

This video shows the perspective of the younger generation of children around the world. It's great that they have such a good attitude toward the world. The principles this kid demonstrates include many of those we just saw in the TED talk earlier on this fine Saturday morning; especially sharing and collaboration. "We're all on the same team, why don't we start acting like it?" If everyone had an outlook on life similar to him, the world would be a better place. "Don't stop believing... Unless your dream is bad, then you should get a new dream."

Insightful video on a part of the World where not a lot of news gets out. The bravery of the photojournalists and the people of Libya are put on display. If you get a chance and have HBO try to watch the full documentary.

Farmer video

The favorite place---One Red Door

The favorite place at Hudson---One Red Door.

Anna Infographic

Molly Infographic

My favorite place in Hudson- Caribou