Saturday, February 9, 2013

Federal Reserve

Recently, I saw a video entitled "the collapse of the american dream". The video itself is about an half-hour long, so you don need to watch it now, though I'll link to it in the bottom. It explained where the local banks get their money from, all the way to the federal reserve. It also explained how the people, the non-bankers, are negatively effected by this trail. The trail consists of borrowing and lending, several times over, all with increasing interest on the way down. What interested me, however, was the fact that the Federal Reserve is NOT a government organization. They control how much money the treasury prints, and get alot of it, though they are not a part of the government. "How does the government allow this?" you might be asking, and the answer is quite dark. The last president to fight them was Kennedy, and we know what happened to him. The final part of the video was how we can stop it, if we all unite against the bank.

the video:

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