Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Class Today: Week1TSM ECHO

Just for fun - it never gets old: 

Class Notes and Links.

In-class assignment: 

1. Take Proust Questionnaire and Pre-class Survey.

2. Post your video or photo now to one of these three:  

Blog, Pinterest, or Twitter - mention: @kob14


Homework for 1.19.13: 

1. One take: Make a funny 30 second video - no editing - one shot. Creating content/footage that we can edit later. #YOLO

2. POST to our ECHO class blog.

For inspiration, here are some examples of great iPhone Movies (obviously, more than one take/shot- we will get there).

This one made me feel good: 

Laughter the Best Medicine from The Film Artist on Vimeo.

3. FINALLY, Comment on the previous blog post on bullying.

Optional: Consider starting a Pinterest or - Be careful who you follow.

WARNING: Work First to Stop an Internet Addiction 

Interested in Twitter? Backstory - How KOB uses Twitter.

Very excited to see what you post. See you soon!



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