Friday, March 1, 2013

Entering the Final Class: A few questions...

1. Have you (re)read the class blog?
    Please read and review, especially if you've missed class(es)!

2. And if you've missed class, have you watched the videos that are posted on the class blog?

3. Have you contributed in a meaningful way to your group's final movie?

4. Have you considered what you will write about tomorrow in class as your final reflection on this ECHO and social media?

5. In your reflection, what links (minimum three) will you share, promote, and why?

6. Have you posted your video that interests or inspires you? 
   (And you've posted it properly: Embed with HTML)

7. Have interviewed your partner? Have you posted that video interview to the class blog?

8. Have you posted your video from favorite place in Hudson or Go MAD! Community Service Day?

9. Have you posted your infographic?

10. Have you completed the two surveys from the 1st class?

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