Sunday, March 3, 2013


1. Looking back at the blog - what video's were most interesting to you?

The video that left the most impact on me was the self learning one that we saw today. How children that are considered behind from an educational standpoint, can learn difficult ideas all by themselves.

2. Looking back at your classmates videos and posts - which were most impressive and interesting?

I thought the Morgan leader video worked well and portraid the school in a good light. With some tweaking it could be really good.

3. What are three things that you will take away from this course? Why? Please elaborate.

-Improvement of video editing skills. 

- Awareness of many different forms of learning including use of videos and technology in schooling today. Due to many informative videos and the use of video ourselves.
-Use of social media for positive goals. However these goals are tainted by the negative affects that social media imposes of society today. These negatives revolve behind a form of bullying. Cyber- Bulling is very prominent in many social media aspects.

4. What was your contribution to your group's final movie? Who was a leader in your group? What would you have done differently - especially if you had more time?

I helped with ideas and also appeared in 2 scenes. Molly was the team leader, she did all of the filming and did all of the editing. if we had more ideas the flow of the video would have been inproved and a few more scenes would have been added.

5. What are three links you wish to promote and why? How can social media be a tool for social good?

This is a famous inspirational speech represented in many videos every time i hear it it gives me chills the words are very true and show human determination.

The six nations is a huge competition in England and at this moment it is going on so this is very relavent. The video starts with the poem Invictus an represents the competition in a inspirational light. Rugby has been a big part of my life and i wouldn't miss this competition for the world. Unfortunately this year England lost but it still stands....

This is a snippet from the Film Coach Carter  the film is a interpretation of a true story of a basketball coaches affect on his team.

6. What suggestions do you have for the future of this ECHO: teaching social media? Was the class blog helpful? Would you have liked to have created your own blog?

I think the calss blog was a good idea as with an own blod it will be hard to intergrate all the pupils work together. A class blog makes all the work accessible. Only thing i can recommend is give the final project the first week so people can generate ideas and team chemistry. 

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