Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thoughts on TSM

1. Looking back at the blog - what video's were most interesting to you?

2. Looking back at your classmates videos and posts - which were most impressive and interesting?

3. What are three things that you will take away from this course? Why? Please elaborate.

4. What was your contribution to your group's final movie? Who was a leader in your group? What would you have done differently - especially if you had more time?

5. What are three links you wish to promote and why? How can social media be a tool for social good?

6. What suggestions do you have for the future of this ECHO: teaching social media? Was the class blog helpful? Would you have liked to have created your own blog?

1.  The videos that I found the most interesting was the two short films we watched a couple weeks ago in class-- the short films we watched after valentines day of the guy with the paper airplanes and the professor speaking about his college girlfriend. I really enjoyed the latter video because I found the way she filmed interesting and I really liked the how she made it with voiceovers and shots of the teacher.

2. I really enjoyed Anna's post about where our food comes from (here is the link if you desire to read it: I thought it provided good background information to the source of our food.

3. I will take away a deeper knowledge of the world wide web, how/why I should protect my accounts such as twitter and facebook as well as making them more "professional" in a sense, and finally, I will take away more experience of filming and editing videos.

4. I filmed scenes of our final movie and I was actually the assigned "leader" of the group, although it was more of a joint effort between Charnley and me. I would've had more planing and definitely more commitment to filming time--due to the little time we had, everyone in our group did not have coinciding schedules, causing us to not have much filming done.


  • Link one: this is a video that was used for a style frames conference in New York. I just find this video really well made and really like it. 

  • Link two: This is my sister's One Bead promotion video. I think it's really good and she just won a Scaddy Gold Award for this. I'm definitely really proud of her! 

  • Link three: If you haven't seen those overly attached girlfriend memes you should google it. Here is her video from valentines day--it's short but funny with a little bit of creepy.

  • Social media can be a tool for social good because it can make people more aware, help people become noticed, and also help people learn skills such as how to play instruments or tie a tie. 

6. For the future TSM echos, I think that the final project should be introduced earlier in the echo classes, the small amount of time made it hard for us to plan. As well as this, I think there should be an assigned topic or at least a couple specific options to choose from because it was hard to plan because we weren't sure what we were doing. Possibly allow us to pick our own groups, since everyone was different ages and not really friends it was hard for our schedules to match up and more awkward to communicate.

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