Saturday, January 12, 2013

Social Media is a Powerful Tool: Be Smart - Be Kind

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Think of our objective: Social Media for Social GOOD.


  1. I first watched this video. I then looked up Amanda Todd's video.

    This is really disgusting. Although I do think the mistakes Amanda made were unacceptable, I'm sure that she's not the only one whose done this. She definitely did not need to go through so much trauma and committing suicide was not the appropriate end result.

    I do think that the stranger/stalker should be charged in some way for his crime. As for the kids who beat her up, etc. I don't think anything can actually be done at this point. They should just know that they played a major role in her death.

    In a way, I'm glad this video went viral. It's important to know the good and bad sides of technology. Especially for the kids of the newer generations. It's good to be aware of what else is going on and how to protect yourself from these types of situations. Although people are aware of the consequences and results, it's another thing to be a part of it or see the effect so blatantly. This video (and Amanda Todd's) is an eyeopener.

  2. the video is an extreme case of what one guy can do to destroy a girls future. Teenagers are very impressionable but also very naive to there actions this was displayed here. This is not however an isolated case it happens unfortunately a lot. Many films including Kidelthood feature cases like this. Its horrible but unfortunately it is always going to be the case all we can do is be there for people that our feeling down about something and not ditch people because it may scar your reputation. Once people experience a case like this or of a young person passing away they realize just how short life is and what is the point of making other lives miserable for personal entertainment.

  3. The video does a good job of showing how people perceive bullying. It makes you question what you do yourself to reduce bullying. Any video that can do this should be counted as a success. The teens reaction to Amanda's story was very predictable, though I'm not sure i would have reacted any differently, given the information they were.

  4. This video showed how bullying destroyed a life and how a group of teenagers feel and comment on this disaster. It is a successful criticism towards bullying (or more precisely, cyber bullying) because it showed how people who have the same age as the victim reacted to this tragedy.